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Labradoodle Pups will live in Massachusetts
Australian Labradoodle Breeder in RI
Ask us about being one of our Guardians
Stella & Shadows First Litter was on June , 2014
Ivy at 3 weeks
Ivy at 8 weeks
Ivy at 10 weeks
Maggie at 3 weeks
Maggie at 5 weeks
Maggie at 8 weeks with her new mom Donna
Maggie at 4 months
Guardian Families are a wonderful assett to any breders program. It allows many benafits to each party. it allows us to continue our wonderful lines with picks of each litter, and affords you a wonderful puppy we choose to be a possible future breeder at an affordable cost.

If interrested in being a guardian family please inquire IF you meet the following guidelines:
* You live within 40 miles of Warwick RI
* You plan on remaining in current residence for next 4 years.
* You have a secured fenced in yard or live on a farm with multiple acres.
^ You are willing to keep your pup groomed at regular intervals.
* You will bring puppy to obedience classes when puppy is 3 months old.
* You are "READILY" available when the time for testing ,blood work, progesterone levels & Breedings occur.
*You are an honest & trustworthy family.

Liz our first guardian holding back tears as she says goodbye to one of Stellas pups
Stella with her Australian Labradoodle Litter in RI
Jon Cohen & Family adopted IVY
{Our Girls}
{Our Boys}
{Training A new Puppy}