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Dear Martha and Tom;

Just a quick note to let you know that Tippy is doing wonderfully. I think of you both often, because I think the first weeks of Tippy life's must have been wonderful. She is a very good dog and very easy to train. She has never had an accident in our house since we got her. She adopted to our lifestyle beautifully. She sleeps through the night in her crate ( and even let's us sleep an extra hour on week-ends). She just got home from the Vet and is in great shape. She knows how to sit, lay down and shake her paw. She went to puppy class last Saturday and she was by far the most at ease. The trainer was very impressed with her. She is well socialized with other dogs (again I am sure because of you) .

In short, she is a delight in our lives. We all love her and so do our families and friends.

Thank you so much for such a gift in our lives.

Mary, Charlie and Tim
Bailey & Kevin
Bailey with Joan Casby
The Pallis Family with "Molly"
Donna Ulhman & "Sailor"
January 2011

Martha and Tom,

Macie is now six months old and doing just great. She is such a wonderful puppy. We absolutely love her! She is so funny and smart. She is the star of obedience class - knows both verbal and hand signals. She greets me first thing in the morning or when I get home with her "Doodle" talk. I've never heard anything like it before. But she has us in stitches most of the time. She is just what we needed. She absolutely loves playing in the snow and going for walks and hikes. Everywhere we go we get compliments on how beautiful she is. She loves everyone and every dog she meets. We couldn't be happier!

Thank you so much,
The Dawsons - Rhonda,Mike,John & Ashley

Hi Martha and Tom,

Bode is doing fantastic and we are so proud of all his accomplishments in such a short period of time. His check up last Thursday went very well and as expected he is very healthy :-) He weighed in at 9.2 and I cannot believe how much bigger he is since we first brought him home. He comfortably travels up and down stairs and is starting to appreciate going on walks with the leash. At nighttime he willingly enters the crate and is sleeping 6-7 hours straight -- so awesome! He doesn't love being in the crate when we leave the house during the day but he is getting better and I know it is a matter of time before he understands we are only out for a short period of time and always come back!

Initially car rides were a challenge -- he refused to go in the crate and then barked continuously until we reached our destination. Our vet recommended a harness that attaches to the seat belt and once he tried it, he never looked back! He likes sitting in the third row next to Evan and we feel good that he is secure. Potty training is going really well. We have been very consistent in taking him out and he has never had an accident in the crate.

His disposition is very sweet and he embraces all the love and attention we give him. As expected he can get a little nippy with the teething (more like Cujo!) but the kids now understand to leave him alone when he is in that kind of mood and we have started to gently give him the no biting command. It will also come as no surprise that he loves shoes, laundry, dish towels and anything else that crosses his path!

Attached are a few pics taken in the last week. The last one is my favorite -- we did our best to stay cool in the brutal heat last week and Bode enjoyed lots of ice cubes in his bowl -- apparently it was so refreshing that he actually fell asleep in the bowl with some melted ice cubes still in it!

Take care,


Thought I would update you on Sidney's first two weeks with us. He has quickly become a member of the family, he and older brother Jackson get along very well. They play quite a bit together but Jackson does let Sid know who the boss is.
Sidney is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. We have used the "click-reward" system to teach him where he is supposed to relieve himself, and he is about 98% housebroken (the only rare accident occurs when I don't pay attention to his signals to go out).
He is crate trained and actually alternates between the fireplace hearth and his crate for naps during the day. At night he goes for at least 7-8 hours before he needs to go out, pretty remarkable for only 10 weeks of age.
We are leaving for a road trip to Florida next week with both dogs, Sid seems to like the car and sits/sleeps quietly on his booster seat in the back.
Overall, we couldn't be more delighted with Sidney and Jack, they truly add another dimension to our lives! Thank you,

attached is a phot of the boys resting after a play secession!
FEBRUARY 9, 2012
Hi Martha,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the cutest puppy! Luna is doing great! She had a rough car ride (she was throwing up before we even got to the highway) but after that car ride, things improved. She's been such a love and very sweet. She has not had ANY accidents in the house. This week she's been sleeping 10 to 5 too. She's swam a bit in the pool and gone out in the boat in her puppy life vest. She's had a lot of nose kisses with the cats so there's hope they'll be friends. The kids are in love with her and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual.


Tania Shaw

JULY 2013
"Ollie" aka yellow boy will live with Trisha & Mike in Portsmouth,R.I.
Just wanted to tell you both that Ollie is doing great, and adjusting well to his new home! He did cry a little when we were about a block away from your house, but soon fell asleep after lots of hugs and kisses, and he didn't puke from any motion sickness! So far he has had only one tiny pee accident but otherwise has been pretty good about letting us know when he needs to go out. We spent some time outdoors today playing where he had a blast! So far he has been an absolute joy and we are so happy to have him as a new member of our family! Thanks again! We'll be sure to send pics as he grows.
Mike and Trish
P.S. Thanks again for the tendon treat, he loves it and we just ordered some more.

Sent January 8,2011

Hi Martha, Tom -
Russell is doing great. He's smart, good tempered - an awesome dog - we love him !
He has his surgery planned for this week, actually - I'll send along the paperwork.


We absolutely love Russell. He is the best puppy ever! Russell is so..... loved. Russell just lost his first tooth and our youngest son, Jack, made a pillow to put out for the tooth fairy tonight. Russell is unconditional love for all of us- he is always wagging his tail. He loves people. Thanks. Sorry for not emailing you sooner-just busy with 3 boys, (I mean 4, including Russell) and both of us working. Everyone that meets Russell adores him. Russell also has grandparents nearby that spend time with him. Thanks. We feel so fortunate. You did such a great job with him as a new puppy. We will send pictures soon. I think he is going to be much bigger than his Dad.
Sent October 25,2011
... and another
"Russel" @ 8 weeks
" Hi Martha & Tom

As far as Jason... The two of them are a love story:-). But Whiskey behaves better than Jason. Jason wants to play with him all the time & keeps taking him out of the crate... But it's all love between the 2 of them.
Took him to the Vet on Monday...the vet fell in love with him right a way. The vet keeps sending me e-mails on how to housebreaking & take care of the puppy. I thought I was taking a "Brad Pitt "to the Vet with all the attention Whiskey got there Ahahah. "

" Dear Martha and Tom
>> Just want to let you know that whiskey is doing really well. He did not have any accidents during his 3 1/2hour drive home. What a sweet temperament he has. Next Sunday I will be hosting a small welcome home party for little whiskey. I will send you some photos then.
>> Thank you for blessing us with such a wonderful puppy
>> Nella, Joe & Jay "
" Thank you sooooooo muuuuchh! His photos are going viral on my Facebook page! He is the new special bling in our lives. Perfect puppy! There are no words to describe how we feel about him. He is amazing.... I am so glad that I have followed my heart, and got my healthy, sweet and lovable puppy from you.
Nella, Joe & Jay "
Whiskey is getting cuter by the day
awsome photo , thank you for sending to us for thinking of us too :-)
...and another
Hi guys,

Just wanted to send along a picture of Tucker. He will turn 1 soon (Jan 10th I think) He was one of Kelsey and Baileys pups. He has turned out to be such a great dog, better than I ever imagined. Chase and I love him soooo much. He's very calm and gentle. LOVES everyone....too much sometimes!! We had a bit of a rough start but you gave us great advice and we stuck with the training and I'm amazed at what a great dog we have a year later. We get compliments about him all the time. Hope you're well. ~Kim Arruda

January 4, 2011
J'aime also emailed this a few days later....

WHat an amazing dog!!! Job well done!! She is beyond anything we could have hoped for... THANK YOU

Mary gets to nap on the bed with Tatum & cute ;-)
January 21, 2011

Hi Martha and Tom,
Just thought that we would touch base... Brutus is doing great! He slept in the car the whole ride home and has been amazing... he sleeps through the night, loves his toys and walks towards the door when he has to go potty! We can't get over how smart he is! We will send some pictures soon:)
-The Arnolds

It would be hard to imagine a cooler dog.....
...Update October,2011
January 21, 2011

Just wanted to let you both know how Bruno is handling his change to a new home. We got him home and he was full of drool but no puke thank goodness. He was a little nervous and stayed in the kitchen for quite some time before investigating. Within two hours he was right at home playing with the kids, going potty outside and finally eating and drinking. He has had no accidents . We tried the crate but he just howled and howled so we did the leash next to our bed instead, worked much better. He went out once at 2am and then out at 5:30. Took him a while to eat breakfast this morning but all in all he is adjusting great. Will send pics in a few days. He loves the snow so much, looked like a snowball this morning when he came in!
Trina Lavoie

Hello Martha and Tom,

Sweet Salty is growing so fast it's as if we've been sprinkling him with Miracle Grow. He just gets more irresistable every day. He loves bringing me presents--the bath mat, for instance. Two nights ago he brought to my dinner guests out on the deck my nightgown--it was hanging just low enough from the hook that he was able to grab it.

Everyone here at Four Beaches condos is crazy about him, and he gets lots of shouts from across the lawn when we walk--Hey, Salty!

He's now sleeping around 5 1/2 hours every night, he doesn't have accidents, he has taken to a leash with no problem, and he only barks when he has to get down from the sofa (still afraid to jump), or if some object threatens him (like the fire hydrant out on the street), he loves the dogs he's met and these local canines don't seem to mind that he jumps all over them. He's up to a cup of food three times a day--hope that sounds right. And what's that white stuff you're having me sprinkle on his food once a day? I'll have to get some more when it runs out. I am getting a ton of exercise dashing up four flights of stairs several times a day. The stairs are outside, big and wide, and he acts like he's running up and down hills.

His first vet trip went well--had his nails trimmed and acted as if he was getting a pedicure. He gets his first shot a week from today when we visit Vet B. I hope I like her, wasn't that crazy about her partner..

I hope you got our portrait of Salty-by-the-Sea. And I'm hoping you'll find a chance to email those pictures you took of us the day we picked him up. We will send more pictures when we remember to take them.

Much affection,
Mary-Ann and Charlie

Mary-Ann Tirone Smith with her first dog she named "Salty". She never could have a dog when she was growing up. her little brother was "Autistic" and would go wild at the sound of any dog barking, so her Mom & Dad had to always say "No" whenever she'de ask for a puppy.

We are so proud to bring a puppy into her life and that she chose us for that special little ball of fluff, finally..

Mary-Ann wrote a beautiful memoir about her childhood, an intriguing story that was told by her . The story unfolds with a young childs memory of life as she knew as a child who experienced a trauma that no child should ever have to know. It is full of laughter despite the tragedy that unfolds.
I was fortunate to get a copy from her, and I read every page having difficulty putting it down.
Salty, one of our Australian Labradodles now lives in Old Saybrook Ct
January 27, 2011

Hi Martha and Tom,

Just a quick Diego update-- I'm beginning to think he's the best dog in the world. Anyway, we had him neutered last week. How would you like proof of that? We have the receipt from the vet, but it doesn't specifically say he was neutered. Just the cost of the surgery. When we go back for his check up on Monday, I can ask for some sort of more official thing if that would be best.

On a semi-related medical note: his entropion seems to be cured!! He had his stitches out from the tacking procedure earlier this month and has had no signs of it recurring. The vet ophthalmologist said that if he is still fine in 2 months, than we don't have to worry anymore. We are so relieved!

And of course, I could not send an email update without a few pictures. My favorite is the one in the snow...he was hiding under the deck stairs and I caught his snowy face. He's starting to have little blond highlights on his face, but remains darker caramel on the rest of his body. We get compliments all the time on how handsome he is.

I hope you all are doing well. I loved looking at the latest puppies. Those new owners are going to have fun housebreaking in all this snow!


copyright Lighthouse Labradoodles 2006
{Our Girls}
{Our Boys}
Hi Martha and Tom,

We are all enjoying Finley so much. He is a great puppy. So loving and gentle. We are very
lucky. Christian, our oldest, really pitches in with Finley's care. He is so helpful. Thank you for
all the advice - esp. the radio at night. He was lonely the first few nights and now with the
radio he is doing really good with the crate at night. He loves being with us at all times,
following us from room to room - so sweet.

Feel free to use what ever pictures you'd like on the website... I am sure the boys would love
to see themselves on there.

Take care and we will be in touch - I will keep sending you photos so you can see how well
Finley is doing.

Jessica (Cranston, RI)

Hi Tom and Martha -

Dazzle was wonderful on the way to Nantucket from your house. She
did not wet on me at all, (we stopped twice so she could pee) and rarely
cried. We did not stop to visit her Dad, so we could catch the 5:30
p.m. plane home. When we got into the terminal, there was a small
toddler with his Mom. Dazzle just ran up to him, licked him all over, and
was soooo excited to see something her size. It was sweet, and her
enthusiasm was reciprocated as well.
Last night, I sat with her while she went to sleep in the crate. She
woke up once in the night, and after a brief visit from me, fell asleep
again for five hours! We have explored the backyard twice, and visited
the children next door. The cats and she are wary of each other, and
we are keeping an eye out for the intitial interaction.
I think she misses you, her home and siblings, but all is going well so
Thank you for giving her such a great beginning.
More later, Helen Trebby

Martha and Tom,

I don't think we were a mile from your house before my son and I
switched off in the backseat. Bella was a little anxious, but after awhile
dozed off in my arms. She's settling into her new home just fine. My
sister is a huge dog lover and came over to see her new "niece," and even
brought treats. As for my youngest daughter, Tom will remember her
unwillingness to get close to the dogs at your house but...
She can't get enough - and trust me, we keep telling her to give the pup
some room! - of her new friend, Belly; no, that's not a typo, she adds a
'Y' to everything she really likes - so we're taking the Bella/Belly thing
as a good sign.

On a personal note, I was greatly touched by the care-package loaded
with information and toys that we received. Even before we came for
her, from the pictures you sent and posted on your site, it's obvious how
much these dogs mean to you. I just wanted to thank you for offering
your support while we adjust to having our new dog at home.

I shall periodically send photo updates, again thanks so much!


hi tom and martha:
i forgot how much she weighed last time at the vet's..but i will
email you some photos to show you how BIG she is
that and the whiteness and the furrines of her is why we started
to call her "pb" "polar bear" that is
when i first got her i wrote her a song called "polar bear"
"...polar bear polar bear sails the seas
polar bear polar bear climbs the trees
polar bear polar bear i love you
polar bear polar bear where'd you hide my shoe?"
etc ad nauseum
when i sing to her she puts her BIG head on my shoulder and opens
her mouth and sighs
so very very cute
we would love to see you and the pups anytime
people always stop and admire pb and say how beautiful she is
and some think she is an old woman in the back seat of the car
when i'm in the shop and out of the car
she loooooves everyone!!! and everyone loves her!!!
one client when he first saw her said: "that's the biggest lapdog
i've ever seen"
and that's how we think of her, as a lap dog, and forget about her
size until she jumps up and you're now face to fact with that
she is always happy
the other morning i realized that i had never ever heard her cry
i love her more than anything
and i always tell people the story of how i got her...calling the
number in the paper...talking to tom from my friend's law office
that saturday morning "what's the curly-hair quotient" i asked,
because she had to have curly hair like my ripley did
and how i was so nervous going to your house...i was still in the
deepest depression over the death of ripley
and because of that i hadn't been working and borrowed the money
that saturday from my friend to put a deposit on her
and i tell people how truly kind and caring you both were when i
told you i only had half the money and could you save her for me
until monday when i would get the rest of the money, and you
saved my life by letting me take her that very day, and had to
wait for your money until i could scrounge it up to pay you
how grateful i was and still am and how often i tell that story to
everyone, judges, lawyers, clients, etc.
and because of that kindness, sailor came into my life, and she
saved my life with her joy and loving and just her.
thank you so much for your kindness. i will always remember that,
always. and now i'm crying thinking of ripley and loving her and
seeing sailor walking around my office looking for a "bouncy ball" so
i can throw it to her and not do my law work

Hi Martha and Tom,

How are both of you and all your pups?!

I have been meaning to write sooner but it has been quite a month for
us!! Not only adjusting to having Bailey and learning about him but dealing
with other real life issues just to keep life interesting. Anyway, Bailey is
doing great. He’s at 12 weeks now of course and weighing about 16
pounds. The Vet says he’s a little on the thin side and to feed him more so
of course we will. He may have had a reaction to the vaccines on
Wednesday so we had a trip to the emergency vet but he’s fine now. Our
hardest problem is the nipping but we’re working on that; also working on
not biting his leash. He has learned “sit”, “down” and “come” and
sometimes just with hand signals. He’s pretty good with “stay” if we’re
training and giving treats. We’re trying the bell to signal to go out but
often it’s just a fascinating toy to pull on and make lots of noise! He
usually responds pretty well when we say “outside”, “let’s go home”,
“where’s Kevin?”, “get your stick”. He does well riding in the car – short
trips around town and longer trips to the Cape.

We gave him the first bath here last weekend. He looked so awesome
after bathing and brushing! One of the pictures was taken just after that
but doesn’t really show just how great he really looked.

We all love him of course but our son Kevin especially is totally taken by
him – I think he is still amazed that he finally has a dog! The other
picture is of Kevin and Bailey at one of our favorite beaches near our
place on Cape Cod. It was taken September 23 and he seems much bigger
since then (Bailey, not Kevin!!).

You both did an amazing job in raising Bailey in his first 8 weeks!! We
have a wonderful dog that is a complete hit not only with us but also with
our family, friends and neighborhood!
We’ll be in touch periodically and we hope you will too!
Joan Casby
Tom & Martha,

Thought you would like a couple of pictures of Jackson.
Jackson is doing well, he has mastered the house training well,
the clicker works very well so as soon as he goes outside, he
does his business and looks for a click and treat. He also is
learning to sit and recognize his name.
I took him to the vets on Friday and he is in great physical
condition! Will return in early Oct for shots.
Sleeps well, eats well and is getting lots of love.
Thanks for everything!
Hi Tom and Martha,

Molly made it home Saturday without any problems. She didn't fuss or get
sick at all. Once we arrived at home the neighbors all came over, some
with gifts, to greet their new neighbor. Everyone took a seat on the front
lawn as Molly went from lap to lap. She really did enjoy herself.

Molly has been doing very well with her potty training. Very few accidents,
and if she has an accident it's usually our fault for not paying attention to
the signs. She is responding to her name. We started giving her a goodie
reward when she would come back in the house after going to the
bathroom. Now when entering the house she sits right down and looks up as
if it say, "ahem, I'm ready for my treat".
She is getting used to her crate. She has been crying to go out after
about three hours in the crate at night. We're not sure if it's her bladder
or she's just training us to play with her at night. Time will tell.

The Kids really love her, including the day care kids as well. You can see
she looks as the kids as her peers. It really is nice to see them bond. All
said, Kim and I are very impressed with our little lady. She is a very
exceptional dog. I know she is still very young, but it's easy to see that
she is going to grow up to be a great dog.
We are going to the vet on Thursday. We will be sure to give you an
update and send some pictures soon.
Take Care,
Bill and Kim Pallis

We just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything yesterday. We had
such a memorable trip! Kelsey and Kozmo are perfect parents and the
puppies are just beautiful. Thank you for opening up your home to us. Jack
and Tommy have a BIG thank you for letting them into your pool! They talk
about your really cool pool more then they talk about our new addition to
our family. Boys will be boys... hu? Katelyn on the other hand is
completely smitten with Molly and is already driving us crazy as to when
the puppy will finally be home. It's going to be a L O N G 4 weeks!!!

We'll e-mail again to see how our Molly is doing. We miss her lots!!! Please
give her hugs and licks for us !

Thanks again,

The Pallis Family
Dear Martha and Tom,

Salty's official Age 3 portrait. Actually, two pictures: in the first he is giving his photographer at Doggie Day Care a hard time, and the other is the formal pose.

He gets more and more handsome every day, and as you can see he loves to play. He is happiest on various no-leash trails where he never wanders far from us except when he goes after a squirrel at 90 miles an hour. He has many friends at our condo who tolerate his inability to resist joining them for a swim in summer, a rare treat. (We try to keep to the rules--no dogs on beach.) But he pays for his keep when he herds flocks of pooping Canada geese off the lawns and back into the creek.

He also loves his two or three days a week at Doggie Day where he plays with all the dogs, but mostly his best buddy, Sully, a black lab, and his girlfriend, Ninjie, a rescued greyhound.

We are so crazy about our doodle, and we thank you yet again for raising a perfect puppy who has grown into a perfect pet.

Much love,
Mary-Ann and Charlie

November 16, 2014
Salty November,2014
Salty @ 8 weeks
Mary-Ann Tirone Smith from Saybrook an author of a few books. Excellent writing syle filled with humor a talent not to be missed.

Hi Martha and Tom,
Hoping this email finds you. I just wanted to touch base on the event of Watermelon's birthday. I hope things are going well with you. This is a picture of Watermelon with us this fall.
I am starting to consider a puppy, and wondered what your breeding plans are over the next year or so. Watermelon is so perfect, as close to her as we could get is what we would want again. She was Kelsey and Bailey's daughter, from Kelsey's last litter. Her best friend Jackson, who lives with Steve's parents (I think his mom was Autumn?) is a total sweetheart as well, but Steve is allergic to him while Watermelon doesn't bother him at all. So coat type would be important.
Thanks, Jen, Steve, Aidan, Elliot

Watermellon & Family
owners of
January, 2014
Hi Martha and Tom,

Happy New Year. We have had Bergeron for almost 6 months and I thought I would give you an update on him.

He is a wonderful dog with a fun, loving temperament. Everyone who meets him loves him! The kids, Eric and I can not image our family without him! We recently had his coat trimmed. It took some getting used to for us (only because he looks so different). His new hair cut truly shows off his beautiful coat. We joke that Bergy is as soft as the inside of an UGG boot. We are still crating him when we leave the house. However, he can sleep at the end of a bed all night without any problems.
He loves to run in the yard and play fetch. He is super fast! He wasn't a big fan of the heat this past summer, but loved the fall and had a couple of fun snow days last week with Eric and the kids. We also did some entertaining at our house over the past 6 months and Bergeron adjusted beautifully every time. Bergeron is a smart dog. We have not taken him to training classes but have been able to teach him the basics quite easily.

Thats it for now. I attached some photos.

Thanks again,

Nina and Eric

Bergeron w his new pal Diana
Hi Martha and Tom,

It has been almost a week and I thought I would give you an update on Bergeron aka "Blue Boy".
He is such a great pup!!!! Eric, EJ and Diana and I are enjoying our new family member so much!!! All the friends and family that he has met so far can not believe what a calm loving demeanor he has for eight weeks old. Don't get me wrong, he loves to run and play and try to get his teeth into things. But he loves his naps and to relax with the family.
Bergeron is already responding to his name and the command "Come". He finished his medication yesterday and we took him for his "well visit" at North Paws on Monday. He is going back in a couple of weeks for his vaccines.

Thank you again,


Bergeron with his new pal EJ
Was thinking of Rufus's beginnings and thought we'd say hi. This is one of Rufus's favorite places.
Mary and Rufus(8/7/2006 puppy)

Email from a customer 8 years ago still thinks of us & we still think of them..thank you Duane & Mary !
*Rufus was born here back in 2006, puppy of Kelsey & Kozmo our first phantom puppy..still going strong..
Hi Martha and Tom,

Thanks for the email. I agree there are too many vaccines for dogs and I have to add for people too. Teddy is doing great. He was two on December 19, 2013 (Beckett and Monet puppy). He is a joy. He is so smart and has so much personality. He howls at me when I get up in the morning and when he is happy to see me. He adores the kids when they are here. He is such a well tempered dog. He has started watching TV. He loves America's Funniest Videos. LOL! Attached is a picture of him with my dad. Have a great day!

Cindy and Sean, Charlestown, RI

This what our pevious customers have emailed us , read all the feedback to get a sense of what we are all about .