F3Labradodle in RI
Star of the sea F3 Labradodle in RI
F3 Labradoodle
Multigenerational Labradoodle
F1b Labradoodle
labradoodle puppy in RI
Stella Maris
"Star of the Sea"
Star of the Sea was born here ,& resides with her wonderful guardian family in Warwick, RI ..
She is an F3 medium size Labradoodle. When she was born her coat was so soft , as she grew her coat became more luxurious. The warmth in her soul shows in her eys. She is very loyal, calm, & was so easy to train. Can chase after a ball all day long and bring it back as well.
She will pass on her marvelous qualities to her pups.
Summer 2015 ?? planned breeding. Her debut litter with Shadow June , 2014
Lighthouse Labradoodle of RI
Girls will be Girls....
Pennhip 60%
Cerf: Clear
Neg Vwb
Cardiac Normal

16" tall
Weight 30 lbs
Pennhip 80%
Cerf: Clear
Neg Pra
Neg Vwb
Cardiac Normal

" Sanibel "
Sanibel is such a sweet calm girl, daughter of Shadow & Finnegan . She easily gives hugs to all who meet her. She is calm in nature but in an open field she easily runs like the wind.
Her curls are soft to the touch, she remains non shedding.
16 inches high
30 lbs
Finnegan is a sweet heart . As a puppy, her litter mates would climb up the walls of their pen when I entered their room, I always noticed her CALM PRESENCE, patient, sitting in the back of the rowdy siblings, this is why we chose her to be a future breeder. Her curls are cottony to the touch, non shedding coat .Her disposition is sweet and calm.her health is un-remarkable, never one ear infection, solid tummy nothing bothers her digestion. Can retrieve all day. Medium size , solid English Lab structure,Black Nose ,Light Brown eyes. Very happy with a gentle soul.
copyright Lighthouse Labradoodles 2006
Puppies delivered October 20, 2014
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{Training A new Puppy}
Her New Puppies are here born June 2