Ocean Views original Adam
..aka " Shadow"
Australian labradoodle..with 6 generation pedigree
17" Height
Shadow has been a fun addition to our family. Being so small he has fit easily in our home & activities. His stature is strong,his temperament is sound, outgoing. He has made friends easily with Finnegan his favorite playmate. His coat is soft waves & non shedding. His blood lines can be traced back 6 generations to foundational Rutland & Tegan Lines. When he runs he glides with smooth strides. He has strong retrieving abilities and has no fear of water.

OFA - Good
Color bbEe
Chocloate w/White Chest tip of tail & feet
Cerf- Clear

27 lbs
Penn Hip tested 50%
Pra Clear
Thyroid Clear
Color: Apricot
COOPER is a medium size F1b American Labradoodle. He has a very easy gentle friendly happy temperment, is great with children and adults. He wags his tail very easily and is a fast learner. He is Red / Apricot. Weight 44 lbs. Cooper has a Shaggy soft coat with gentle wavy soft curls & is Non-Shedding.
Medium size F1b Labradoodle
"Cooper" is my Sire
Cooper's offspring "Summer"
"Marley" ..another Cooper puppy
Beckett loves to run and greet new friends.. He loves his bother Jacoby. Beckett's temperament is warm & he has a very friendly disposition to all he meets. His coat is super soft luxuriously silky and wavy.. His Penn Hip testing was the best of all of our dogs, he is in the top 100% meaning he had the best hips than all Labradoodles registered with Penn Hip.
Brown Eyes,Cream Coat
Stands 26" tall Weight: 60lbs
Stud Services available
Pra Clear, Vwd-Clear
Penn HIP - 90%

Cardiac Normal

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